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HeadBangers kitchen features LoG along with the Chicken curry.

Heavy metal cooking show Headbanger’s Kitchen, have featured heavy metal band Lamb of God Randy Blythe and Mark Morton in their latest episode. You might want to skip to 8:30 seconds for the real meat.

The stink of contrived food names have just been elevated. Ironically, we advise you to skip the cooking section to get to the real juice.

After our beloved Demonstealer whips up a ‘Black Label Chicken Curry’ (named after a Lamb of God song) he goes on to interview the band members. A little background: This interview happened before their “Nokia Alive” concert at Bangalore.

[youtube_video id=-7RyN6n8-RU]
We are concerned for your time. You should skip to 8:30 seconds right away. You can thank us later.

In the interview, the band talks about the tour they just embarked on, the great experience they had in India the first time, 2012 album titled ‘Resolution’, more about music as well as their opinion on haters, food and other fun stuff.

 It was a real pleasure to interview Randy and Mark, they were both so down to earth and despite of suffering from severe jetlag, they were kind enough to do the interview. Of course, the icing on the cake was the fact that they enjoyed the food!” said Demonstealer

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