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Foster’s Spiderman Connect

Mark Foster, of Foster The People, this years VMA award nominee for best rock video, has talked about his contribution to the Spiderman musical.

the singer, after his performance at the Leeds music festival, talked about his composition of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark musical, including the lead single Rise Above 1. The song also features Bono and The Edge.

The singer however, has refused to comment on whether he was bitten by a radioactive spider. 

“Alex contacted me when I was in LA and we wrote a handful of songs together and that track was one of the songs we worked on. To me U2 are legends so to even have my hands in something Bono has touched is crazy.”, said Foster, to

The musical was plagued by budget issues, harsh reviews and accidents (possibly caused by a a green person flying around in a hoverboard), initially but has apparently recovered from all of that.

Meanwhile, Foster The People continues to move from strength to strength, with the largest crowds in attendance at The Reading Festival, and thier song Pumped Up Kicks nominated for Best Rock Video at the VMA awards.

Hmm, Perhaps he was bitten by a radioactive MUSICIAN. An irradiated Birtney, maybe. 

You can see the Single Rise Above 1 being performed here by the star of the musical, Reeve Caney. 

[youtube_video id=E_C-w7vQaFE]

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