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The Week In Review: Wickedass Playlists and Muppets

Articles (because we know you have no headphones) :

We kick off your wicked-ass week with exactly that, a wicked ass. From outer space. Beyonce is now coming atcha’.

Also, Raunaq Sahu talked and talked about whats shuffling on his ipod on tuesday. And on wednesday he talked some more. We also made all your dreams come true, offered you a chance to be the coolest person on planet Earth: A score writer. Send us your articles at [email protected], and win everlasting glory.

Meanwhile, Sayantan dissected the Lady Gaga monster myth for us. He is currently being chased around Pune by Metalheads and Little Monsters. 

In unrelated news, whispers of Black Sabbath reuniting surrounded us, and OK GO headed the Sesame Street way. For more muppets awesomeness, we bring to you: OK GO and the Muppets at the Webby Awards.

[youtube_video id=yHK0JVAqQgE]

Now that you’ve finished being suitably grateful to us, check out this bit about Rat Kings new OST. And because Lady Gaga cannot bear to be off our minds for more than 2 minutes: She came on The Simpsons.

Also, Mark Foster talked about great power, great responsibility and great music.

Seriously though, we lost one of our best singers this week to cancer. Nick Ashford, an obituary.

Partaaayee Alerts: (Remember:  “I” before “E,” except in Budweiser)

Get Giggy with us covered Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore, thanks to our good friends at Whats the Scene. But if you dont live in these places: uh, have you considered moving?

Adnan Sami rolled (hehe) down to Chennai this 26th, and other awesome things happened in Bangalore and Chennai.

Videos: (To kill those long hours at work)

From David Guetta to Bruno Mars, we have everything you might conceivably want to see. Cuz’ we’re awesome.

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