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Euphoria’s ITEM number

Euphoria is back to our gully a new studio album, somewhat ambiguously titled ITEM.

When i was young, my mom used to cite Polash Sen as the perfect success story. A nice bengali boy who nicely became a doctor, and then made insanely good music. 
Well, my mom and other dhoompichukdhoom fans have cause to rejoice because Polash Sen and co. are back with their fifth studio album, ITEM. In a teaser trailer released like 2.5 nanoseconds ago, they promise us ‘Nine songs, and One Item.’
[youtube_video id=73Zp4fR-GJs]
After 2010’s Follow your Dreams and the score to Best of Luck, this promises to be a return to the bands melodious forte of ballads for the love lorn. And hopefully Polash Sen will stop driving that pink convertible.  You heard it first here.

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