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Carnatic Rock With Agam, on July 29th.


This week at July Month of Rock, we have our favourite Carnatic Rock Act playing for us. Meet Agam. Do you like Thyagaraja? Or Eddie Van Halen? Then be there!

AGAM is a contemporary carnatic rock act from Bangalore, India. It derives its name from the ancient tamil word which translates to ‘the inner self’. Agam’s music encapsulates the boundless, vibrant emotions of the human psyche. It explores, depicts and contemplates these countless aspirations and sentiments of the inner self. Their music combines the myriad hues of melodic scales and intricate rhythm structures offered by carnatic music with the aesthetic principles and tonal elegance from western world. Their music also reflects the soulfulness in sufi music and the power of rock.

The song you’re hearing right now ( if you didnt scroll down and pause the widget, in which case Fie for shame, Sir!) is Back to Bits by the same band, being the BITSAA global meet anthem. 

Band Profile : ( for the geek in you )


A trained carnatic musician and a violinist, Harish is the lead vocalist for Agam. With his interest spanning across the myriad forms of music ranging from carnatic to Hindustani to ghazals to sufiyana to asian underground his compositions are an amalgamation of carnatic raagas with complex rhythm structures and time signatures that define the character of Agam’s music. 


Ganesh is a self taught Percussionist. Ganesh’s playing style is subtle & aesthetic with an incredible abililty to play complex beat cycles with panache. Ganesh grew up on a staple diet of south indian music and indian fusion.


Vignesh is the bass guitarist of Agam. A big enthusiast of jazz-style of playing the bass guitar, he idolizes Victor Wooten.


Praveen (TPK) is the youngest member of the band. He is best known for his unique chord patterns and the heavy distortion leads with a refreshing carnatic hue.


Siva brings in immense value to the Rhythm sections and he can play a variety of percussion instruments with precision. Siva has accompanied renowned musicians like L.Subramaniam & has extensively toured the world.


The key driving force behind Agam – Musician, poet, Keyboardist, Band manager – Swamy likes to don multiple hats at the same time and does the same with un-paralleled panache. An extremely talented poet, Swamy pens the lyrics for all the compositions of Agam.

Weird nomenclature notwithstanding, Agam is one the winners of the Band Hunt Reality Show “Ooh la la la” which was judged by one of the finest musicians India has ever produced – A.R Rahman. 



[youtube_video id=iJiRKIsNKyg]

Now that you are positively bursting with excitement to buy some tickets from us, go here :

Be there or be square! Or trapezoidal!

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