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Dino Siren – Motion is Slick: Score Indie Reviews

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Dino Siren is a Mumbai based Indie Pop/Indie Rock duo. For Karun Kannampilly (drummer for The Koniac Net and singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle) and Ishaan Krishna (bassist for Bhayanak Maut and The Hoodwink Circle), Dino Siren is an outlet for the music they haven’t been able to create with their bands. Dino Siren is driven by the idea of having fun and exploring different avenues of creativity.

The group’s concept chronicles the journey of a T-Rex who is using Indie Music as a medium to warn the Earthlings of an impending asteroid strike. The first chapter of the chronicles of the T-Rex has been released in the form of the single, “Motion” and that’s what we will be reviewing here.

Both Kannampilly and Krishna have been friends since their school days and even though they were in Modern Mafia together, they formed Dino Siren to release music that is exclusively their own. The song was composed over several video calls and the sharing of ideas through the medium. That seems to be the way everything works these days but Kannampilly and Krishna started doing this even before it was a necessity.

Kannampilly penned the lyrics and melody of the song and Krishna laid down the harmonies. Production arrangements were exchanged and whatever was mutually agreed upon, was retained. Vocalists Mallika Barot and Azamaan Hoyvoy performed their parts and the release of the track was set in “Motion”. 

The track kicks off with a nice atmospheric intro which leads to a shuffle groove which is really well put together. The groove is really fun and addictive and carries you along for a fun ride. For a song that deals with the morose machinations of everyday life where people try to convince themselves that they are doing something meaningful, it has a very uplifting and infectious groove. Maybe it’s supposed to help you feel better about the redundant repetition of everyday life.

Perhaps it will serve as a soundtrack to get you through the grind. Perhaps not, all we can say for sure, is that it sounds fantastic. The vocalists have done a great job while performing their lines as well, the highlights are definitely the harmonized parts. The song has just the right use of digital effects to embellish every part without sounding overdone and artificial. Instrumentally, it’s well composed with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Everything revolves around the infectious groove and that makes “Motion” work very well.

Verdict: Sets your day in motion.

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