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Dhanush To Perform ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ Live!

Dhanush’s sojourning in B-town in the aftermath of the nationwide craze centered around his song “Why this Kolaveri Di” is hardly at an end. This weekend, the star will perform the virtual hit at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards in Mumbai.

He’s already performed it once before, when he guest appeared at the finale of Zee TV’s musical reality show, Star Ya Rockstar.

For his performance at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards though, Dhanush will be joined on stage by popular TV actress Jiaa Manek, who’ll jig along to his tunes.

Sounds quite fun, especially when you’re told that Dhanush’s little ditty will be a punctuation in a series of high profile performances lined up for the evening, most notably ones by Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandes and Salman Khan.

The award ceremony promises to be a huge glitterati bow-out, instituted to recognize contributions in TV, music, films and sports – but we already know that the sideshow performances are almost as much of a draw, especially when one of those happens to be a raging cultural phenomenon like ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’.

If you’ve just returned from a coma, let’s catch you up. 

[youtube_video id=jM9s_A4PL5o]

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