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Delhi Government and Manzil Mystics launch a mobile music school for students – Score Short Reads

On September 18, Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia inaugrated a mobile music school called Music Bus. The vehicular school is equipped with facilities for teaching music theory, recording, and even a performance arena.

Music Bus is a joint initiative between the Delhi State Government and Delhi-based musicians collective Manzil Mystics. The latter has often been involved in providing music education to underprivileged children. 
According to a statement by Delhi government, “Mobile Music Bus will reach 5,000 children from government schools as well as low-income communities in Delhi to enable learning through music through regular workshops conducted by trained facilitators. 

Manzil Mystic’s co-founder Anurag Hoon touched upon the future plans of this initiative to ANI as follows, “In the coming days, it is our endeavor to take this music bus to such areas where the facility of learning music for children is not available. We are also working with an organization called Samparan in providing access to music learning to people with special needs and children with autism”. 

With a power backup of eight hours, this bus is expected to reach several government schools and slums to provide children with free and fair access to such forms of learning music. 

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Delhi Government and Manzil Mystics launch a mobile music school for students

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