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Earth Road’s Badalo Se is a mellow heartbreak number: Score Indie Reviews

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Chandigarh-based composer, instrumentalist, and singer Earth Road’s new single is titled Badalo Se. A heartbreak tune, it follows a poetic route to express the singer missing on an old flame.

Based on a straightforward acoustic arrangement, Earth Road’s vocals are a little ‘Prateek Kuhad-like’ in the sense that they are increasingly mellow and toned down. This approach suits the melancholic themes of the lyrics but might be a little formulaic for seasoned indie-pop listeners.

All in all, Badalo Se is definitely a soulful ballad but its duration of 4 minutes might raise some eyebrows. As it is, musicians are turning towards shorter durations. In the case of such acoustic pop numbers, musicians in the scene usually end up incorporating an interlude, a bridge, or two to break the general monotony. Earth Road’s track, on the other hand, follows a similar vocalisation throughout its entire runtime. So, it might be a hit or miss in this sense. It ultimately depends on the listener’s attention span.

Lyrically speaking, heartbreak is a theme that has been done to death in the pantheon of Indian indie-pop tracks. But there still remains to be a demand for such ideas in the music space so Earth Road is still in safe territory. as he reminiscences about old memories etched in his heart.

One thing is for certain that the ominously named Earth Road is good enough with his vocal control and simple yet warm production. Maybe, he can explore some more unconventional themes or a more lively energy in his next release. It would only allow him to experiment further with his skills.

Verdict: If you’re into slow-paced, acoustic heartbreak musings, give Badalo Se a listen.

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