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Crystal clarity and gutsy lows characterise ADAM Audio’s new addition to its budget-friendly T Series – Score Music Tech

Meet The T8V – The new big brother In ADAM Audio’s budget friendly T-Series monitor lineup featuring an 8″ woofer and same U-ART tweeter and HPS waveguide design as seen previously in its smaller T5V and T7V siblings. ADAM Audio’s T-series of affordable powered monitors are designed in Germany, but built in China to keep the costs down.

Despite their affordability, however, they are still based around ADAM’s highly regarded Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter. T-Series has a range of three monitors in 5, 7 and 8 inch.

These monitors use  1.9–inch U-ART high-frequency driver and smooth polypropylene–woofer cone construction, with both drivers mounted into a distinctive bevelled baffle. ADAM Audio describe the T8V as a near-field monitor and the low self-noise makes it perfect in this role

As with many modern active monitors, the control circuitry is digital and in this instance includes DSP-based active 2.6kHz crossovers, response equalisation and driver/amplifier protection. The  8-inch woofer provides bass extension right down to 33Hz, while the U-ART tweeter’s folded diaphragm reaches up to an impressive 25kHz.

The HPS Waveguide – the same design as the more expensive S-Series – directs and shapes the tweeters output into a signal that is more intelligible to the ear and avoids primary room reflections whilst offering a wide listening field for the high frequencies.
A pleasure to listen to .

ADAM Audio

A Class–D bi-amp pack provides 20W (RMS) to the tweeter and 70W (RMS) to the woofer. A pair of T8Vs can produce peak SPLs of 118dB at 1m. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced phono inputs are provided, with a slide switch to select between them, but there’s no jack input option. Power is via the usual IEC connector and there are a couple of three-way slide switches offering -2dB, 0dB and +2dB adjustment for both the LF and HF. The green power LED is on the rear panel, which is a little impractical given that the rear panel is usually out of sight during operation.

Sonically these speakers give a very good account of themselves, especially given their position in the market, coming over as punchy, detailed and revealing, with no unforgivable vices. They also present a credible stereo image with a usefully wide sweet spot. 

In context then, these are impressive little monitors that sit comfortably within ADAM’s sonic orbit, and given their low price, they don’t sacrifice nearly as much as you might imagine. There’s also a two year warranty that extends to five years when you register your speakers with ADAM Audio.


The power and clarity of the ADAM Audio T8V is undeniable. Regardless of size, some monitors feel like they’re breaking a sweat when playing back bass-heavy or dense material. With the T8V there is no sense of the monitors ‘trying’ — there’s an oomph in the way these loudspeakers present sound that just feels so easy and effortless. T8V is the perfect choice for those who can put the pair in a large treated room and who regularly mix busy or bassy material — be it EDM or post production. 

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