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Jamshedpur HIP-HOP Revolution – Score Short Reads

Jamshedpur HIP-HOP Revolution – Score Short Reads

Jamshedpur, a city known for the conglomerate, TATA Steel plants, and for movie lovers Udaan. But can it be known for something more, something completely different, something like Hip-hop? this thought hovered over the mind of Ritik Raaj, a young fellow from the city when his love for music and especially hip-hop culture made him start what is now considered as Jamshedpur Hip-hop revolution.

Jamshedpur Jamming and Jamshedpur hip-hop tv are trying to empower hip-hop in the city to the fullest, be it rapping, beatboxing, dancing, basically all the pillars of hip-hop.

Where Jamshedpur jamming is a group of 5 musicians who organize rap battles, cyphers, block parties in the city to promote hip-hop culture, Jamshedpur hip-hop tv is a Youtube channel that helps budding artists from the city to distribute and release their music through their platform.

Some of the artists helping the revolution gain momentum are:


Ritik Raj, also known by his stage name raajmusic is a hip-hop artist with multiple singles, an EP “Bad Trips”, an album “Alpha” under his name. Jamshedpur Jamming is his brainchild which he started along with Rapper Blaze, to start the hip-hop culture in the city just like what one can see in cities like Mumbai. 

Jamshedpur HIP-HOP Revolution


Ansh Sawaiyan, popularly known by the stage name ‘Rapper Blaze’, is a rapper-producer based in Jamshedpur. His discography includes singles like ” Bigda Ladka”, “Sheesha”, and collabs such as ” Bol Baap Kon Hai” with Raajmusic.

He also is one of the founding members of Jamshedpur Jamming. His works have been said to put up Jamshedpur on the map of the desi hip hop community.  


Akansha Kumari aka Dzire is a 19-year-old rapper who started off by text battling internationally before getting in touch with Jamshedpur jamming. And now is a regular member who inspires numerous other girls from the entire state to follow their dreams.

Jamshedpur HIP-HOP Revolution

Abhishek Roy

Based in both Jamshedpur and Bangalore Abhishek Roy, a rapper-songwriter with multiple singles in his discography is also one of the enthusiastic participants of the rap battles organized by Jamshedpur Jamming. He also is a part of The Genesis Cypher co-written and co-performed by Raajmusic, Gud Kid, Vanither, Shazylei.  

Jamshedpur Hip-hop revolution is an answer to those who say small towns are not for big dreams. Both Jamshedpur Jamming and Jamshedpur hip-hop tv are reaching their goals by stepping on the milestones one by one just like they did recently.

On the 27th of July, they had their first block party for their third anniversary. If you are a hip-hop head then give these young guns a chance and you will not be disappointed. Stan talent and one day we will see Ritik’s dream come true.

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