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Fade Into Oblivion with CryGene’s Both of Us – Score Indie Reviews

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Gali Hip Hop album CryGene has been building up an amusing discography with his English raps that carry a hint of nostalgia for the 2000s kids (for instance, it is inevitable to hear a tinge of Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda with songs like Silver Lining and Warrior).

In his latest single Both of Us, the rapper has significantly chopped and edited his vocals for a heavier voice. Whether this is a stylistic choice or rooted in another reason, that is uncertain to determine. But all in all, it is an interesting choice for his vocal style while he retains his old-school flow.

Clocking at just a minute and 45 seconds, it is a quick listen and does have some repeatability, thanks to the melancholic jazzy beat that accompanies Both of Us.

As the title suggests, CryGene paints a spacey picture of him holding hands with someone, or as he describes beautifully ‘your hand in my hand till we fade into oblivion’. He then goes on to ramble about the multiple thoughts that go on in his chaotic mind.

The song is a good enough opportunity for CryGene to flaunt his jargon. Now, while dropping phrases like ‘long walks of delirium’ and ‘your mental omnipresence’ would sound good and philosophical enough but it is difficult to ascertain who the listener base would be with such lyricism. On one hand, he is being unique enough by not dropping similar pop culture references and average hustle bars unlike other English rappers in the scene right now. On the other hand, not many might be able to connect with the profound bars on this song.

Maybe, if the song was slightly longer or found CryGene building more of a story, then the song would have stood out on its own. As of now, it sounds more like an atmospheric prelude or prologue to something bigger. Maybe, this is a teaser for his upcoming projects. But all said and done, Both of Us is still a jazzy, mellow number that you can vibe to on a moody night.

Verdict: Atmospheric and vibey.

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