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Have a Musical Cleanse with KritiNish’s Cleanse Me – Score Indie Reviews

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Right from the opening seconds, the mellow keys and Kriti’s (aka Kritika) hushed vocals in English give the feel of a classic 80-90s love ballad reminiscent of the discography of Roxette or Jefferson Airplane. The result is a therapeutic track with instant feel-good vibes.

The lyrics are simple but get straight to the point as the vocalist talks about cleansing her body and her mind by getting out of commitments that do not matter to her anymore. The light and ambient production by Nish (aka Nishant) is perfectly suited for the atmosphere the duo is reaching for, and you would not even realise when the song gets over after 3 minutes. In short, there is a lot of repeatability in Cleanse Me.

For those who are unacquainted with KritiNish’s music, the duo comprises of singer Kriti and producer Nishant both of whom are also a couple in real-life. Together, they achieved popularity for a rendition of the Bollywood song Naina Da Kya Kasoor along with new singles like Kiss My Lips. While the latter is also ambient enough, Cleanse Me is a major step-up for the duo and finds them getting better with every subsequent release.

This year has been as chaotic as the last one, thanks to the pandemic. And maybe listeners do need a light pick like Cleanse Me to end the year on a hopeful note. Ultimately, the chorus of Cleanse Me can be interpreted in different ways, depending upon the listener’s mindset. One might need a cleanse from a toxic relationship, a frustrating job, the everyday monotony of life, and anything and everything that just lessens our morale.

To put it in a nutshell, if you need a cleanse, Cleanse Me should be your go-to track.

Verdict: A therapeutic and simple track that lives up to its name.

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