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In the past few days, the international music scene is seeing a lot of concert wildness. And not just from the performers.

Kings of Leon are cancelling the rest of their tour after frontman Caleb Followill got too drunk to perform at a recent concert in Dallas. After four songs, he left the stage to vomit & grab a beer. However, he was kind enough to verify to the audience that ‘for the record, I’m not drunk I’m just f**king hot.”


pictured: f**cking hot!

All hell broke lose at Tim McGraw’s recent gig where a 19 year old man was attacked by 6 others. The fan was beaten up brutally; we’re talking ruptured spleen and head injuries. The attackers were however arrested.

Misdemeanor was also sighted at funk musician George Clinton’s gig in Cleveland. A sixteen year old died after being shot in the head and several others were severely injured due to a brawl at the concert.

Ke$ha, the artist formerly known as P diddy, was literally on fire on Saturday. Her stage went up in flames due to a lighting rig catching fire & the show had to stop early.


Brushing your teeth with a bottle of jack will give you gingivitis

ALL this in a week. At this point, we’re waiting for Rebecca Black being commissioned for the new national anthem. Is it a curse of the communication age that concerts are becoming venues for pandemonium, leaving the real music to playlists on ipods? 

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