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5 Musicians who became Actors: the Cringeworthy and the Wowers

A couple of days ago we saw the best of actors who turned musicians and of course, now we have to have it the other way around. Crooners who became actors. We said why-oh-why-would-you-do-that-to-yourself or that deserves the Grammy-Oscar combo, either way here’s my pick.

Since my bitter enemy Nilankur Dutta beat me to 5 Actors who became awesome Musicians, my secret indulgence is terrible movies because they’re inevitable laugh riots and I’ve also watched my share of impressive performances, here’s a list of 5 musican turned actors. I haven’t included the usual pop stars (read JLo and the like) that are slipped into every joke about bad acting.

Robert Pattinson

Note: If you’re a twihard fan please skip to the next artiste. Yes, I’m going to insult him and the Twilight franchise and no, I’m not apologetic. I will await the sparkle of death.

So whoever knew R-Patz could sing? Well he did in open mic events and pubs before he started acting. The first two Twilight movies’ soundtracks featured his songs. Maybe if he didn’t mumble so much into the microphone, took singing lessons, had a slightly deeper voice and wasn’t related to the Cullens, then I’d have given him a chance. According to The Sun he plans to bring out a solo album next year. Fame will unfortunately push its sales but there is a reason he didn’t make it big as a musician before Twilight.

[youtube_video id=R89K1zydhPI]

‘Never think- Robert Pattinson’

Now you know why.

Christina Aguilera

She should have stuck with Shark Tales. I have nothing against formulae in movies but Burlesque that came out last year spells it out for you. Small town girl comes to the city looking for that big break, struggles hard and in the end finds not only fame but love. Cher adds the only elegant touch to the film.

The music is exactly what you’d expect from an Aguilera musical with really nothing new to offer. The video is entertaining but misses it by a notch. Still explains the nomination for a Golden Globe in the Best Original Song category, I guess. Her acting wasn’t too bad (not great either) but choice of script really needs improving if she ever fancies a prolonged acting career.

[youtube_video id=YDPR5EoYqOs]

‘I’m a good girl- Christina Aguilera’


She has them all, from Emmys and BAFTAs to Grammys and Oscars. Her success in both, television and music came simultaneously and though she’s had her shares of downs she always came out a winner.

Remember her in Moonstruck? It was my first Cher film and I watched it after more than ten years of its release but it was love at first sight. Rusty from Mask only reaffirmed it. Even in Burlesque it was her line, “And you are in my mirror because…” that made it worth my time. Great artiste, now only if she could keep away from the botox.

[youtube_video id=a1gcMsRiNok]

‘You haven’t seen the last of me- Cher’

Chris Brown

18 year old him was just as bad as 22 year old him. His first major role was in This Christmas and I will never understand musicians’ love for cliches when it comes to picking scripts. The entire family comes home for Christmas, each member has a problem and at the end of the movie it is all resolved.

I’ve never thought much of his music and his collaborations with Justin Beiber just make him that much more endearing. His character in the film is called ‘Baby’, JB’s first superhit. Coincidence? I think not. Acting however isn’t his calling either. To be fair though I’d only call it mildly bad, watered down because of the strong performances of the other actors in the film. The movie can be watched because of the other characters. Chris Brown with music and community service, why shuffle acting too?

[youtube_video id=XGgojr8auiU]

‘This Christmas- Chris Brown’

Will Smith

Its been years since Gettin’ jiggy with it released but its still one of those songs you’d recognize and jiggy to anytime anywhere. But how many of us remember Will Smith’s rapping days? A fun musician who turned to acting and the world should thank him for it.

Men In Black and Pursuit of Happyness have to be my favourite movies of his, though there are quite a few contenders for the title. Yet he too proved even he can slip with Hancock. Nonetheless a good musician and a better actor. But why such a  smart man who has greatly contributed to both these fields lets his daughter whip her hair so much (isn’t cervical spondylitis quite a scare?) or lets his son hang out with Bieber remains a mystery. 

[youtube_video id=uzUozo1628U]

‘Switch- Will Smith’

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