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Concert diaries- Aurko at Fete De La Musique, Bangalore


June 21st – Fete de la Musique, better known as World Music Day, was celebrated in a huge way at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore with the band Aurko

There’s no better day to get all sorts of musicians that play every type of genre under one roof to jam. And one of the bands that participated in this spectacular event, was our very own, from Namma Bengaluru – Aurko. They came in with a dramatic entrance – lights off and total silence – which was later broken by the cheers and whistles from the enthusiastic audience after they hit the very first beats of their premieré song. Supratik, the lead singer, thrilled the audience with stories of the bands jamming sessions and how some of their best songs came into being. The vibrant lights and vivacious music provided the perfect atmosphere – the crowd just couldn’t get enough of these guys. 

They’re not just cool musicians who manage to make Hindi-Rock an entirely new and pretty awesome genre, but they’re kickass performers as well! It was a night to remember!

-Rhia Bhattacharya
Score Writer (Bangalore)

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