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Radiohead debuts new track ‘Staircase’


Radiohead to perform songs from their newest album, The Kings of Limbs, live for the first time in a  special episode of From The Basement on BBC. They will also be performing one previously unheard song called “Staircase.”

Radiohead‘s new track ‘Staircase‘, which comes from the same sessions as recent album ‘The King Of Limbs‘, was up on the band’s Dead Air Space site last night. The performance will be featured on their BBC Worldwide broadcast From the Basement on July 1.

With the band having yet to announce any live dates, the session will be fans’ first opportunity to hear them perform a track from ‘The King Of Limbs’ live. Drummer Phil Selway is even joined by a second drummer Clive Deamer who is best known for his work with Robert Plant and Portishead. “And no, you’re not seeing double. The doppelganger drummers are myself and Clive Deamer. Clive has long been one of my favourite drummers and so I was really excited when he agreed to perform with us. Hope you like what we’ve all done.” says Phil.

Salim Mukaddam, VP Music Television at BBC Worldwide said recently: “It is a real honour to be working with Radiohead on this project. Radiohead are a band that rarely performs for television, but when they do, it’s a moment to savour. There is already huge anticipation for this performance and we’re delighted that they’ve decided to work with us at BBC Worldwide, confirming our position as market leaders in music television. As a fan I cannot wait to see these beautiful songs brought to life in this programme.”

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