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Mona Patel’s vocals shine in the backdrop of some good, old Electro-Pop in Take Me Home: Score Indie Reviews

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Singer-songwriter Mona Patel also happens to be a vocal coach, with a mastery over contemporary jazz vocals. However, she seems to experiment with her voice range beyond the ambit of jazz. Her latest offering Take Me Home is a case in point. A simple, electro-pop love ballad at its core, Take Me Home is easily reminiscent of EDM from the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

And yet despite the highly electronic nature of the track, Patel rarely uses any vocal enhancements or auto-tune plugins. While the lyrics might seem quite simple and straightforward (that suits a pop number like this), her voice is bold and controlled elevating the familiar tropes to a new level. The chorus with the titular line and the refrain that finds Patel repeating, ‘Make me yours tonight’; these two portions end up making Take Me Home pretty catchy. 

Producer Michael Le Donne’s style of conventional EDM works well with Patel’s vocals. The songstress seems to be having a good time, effortlessly stretching her voice when and where necessary. Take Me Home might not be a standout pop/dance anthem in terms of its lyrical or sonic elements. But there’s a certain comfortability that both the singer and producer reveal in terms of playing around with formulaic sounds. This is what surprisingly makes it a pretty fresh track. 

Otherwise, pop these days is often being subjected to either fusion-heavy electronica or acoustic uke-driven instrumentation. There’s no in-between. As for EDM, bass drops are taking over plain, old, dance-pop anthemes. And when it comes to jazz, India boasts of several talented indie jazz vocalists but unfortunately, most of them end up going down a musically artistic route that might not always click with mainstream audiences. And in a track like Take Me Home, we find a singer proficient in jazz using her skills through a mainstream pop lens with electronic production. In this regard, Patel’s new song is simultaneously formulaic and fresh. 

Verdict: Powerful vocals and slightly nostalgic EDM-infused production collide for a catchy dance track. 

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