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Chennai Global Music Festival: It’s A-Coming!

For music fanatics in Chennai, who’ve long cribbed about the lack of international performances of note in the city, the times they are a-changin’. It’s a change being heralded by our own entrepreneurs, recognizing at last the burgeoning demands of the more discerning.

On cue, LemonTree Marketing & Communications Pvt. Ltd will be putting together the first ever Chennai Global Music Festival next year – a three day festival that its organizers are convinced is only a humble beginning to a brand new era. 

The plans are a notch above humble though; a multiple-stage supporting superstructure will be constructed for the event, with the International Pop/Rock stage demarcated from the one serving Electronic Music performances. It’d be fair to expect varied attractions too, a la The Great Indian Octoberfest, with food stalls and shopping alcoves lining the sides. 

Finding their way there shouldn’t be as confusing for Chennaiites, with the whole jamboree being organized at the Express Grounds, next to the Express Avenue Mall, which is as it is a major weekend attraction for most city-dwellers. 

Talking about attractions, the band line-up for this festival is positively enticing. It’s strikingly cosmopolitan, with a few acts you might’ve heard of, lining up alongside exotic names and musical ideas that you’d definitely want to try.

They’re – 

  • Ziskakan – Reunion Island (Folk Rock)
  • Piano Chat – France (Intimate pop and explosive rock)
  • George Brooks – USA (Jazz composer & saxophonist)
  • Moongai – Reunion Island (Electro Pop)
  • Mesparrow – France (Jazz)
  • True Live – Australia (Jazz/ Hip Hop/ Rock)
  • EL Manos – France (Folk country)
  • Bud McMuffin – France (Blues Folk)
  • Shruti – Malayasia (Pop)
  • Mattias – Sweden, with Selvaganesh, Umashankar, Makesh Vinayakram (Indian/ International Fusion)
  • Jonas Hellborg – Sweden, with Selvaganesh India (Indian/ International Fusion)
  • TM Stevens – USA, with Ranjit Barot, Selvaganesh (Indian/ International Fusion)
  • Vikku Vinayakram – Sapthaakshara
  • T.H.Subash Chandra – Ghatam & Kannakol, Ganesh Kumar Kanjira,
  • S.Harikrishnan (Keyboard), Shankar Tucker (Clarinet), Colin Hinton (Drums), Michael Gam – (Electric Guitar) 
  • Bas H.N.Bhaskar Violin (Indian / International Fusion)
  • Uma Shankar, with Gino Bank & troupe (Indian, International Fusion)
  • Living Colours (Indian Fusion)
  • Groove 3 (Pop/Soul/R&B)
  • Greyshack (Rock n Roll)
  • Junkyard Groove (Rock)
  • Grasshopper Green (Rock)
  • Paul Jacob and Blaaze (Rap/ Hip Hop)
  • Chinnaponnu, Mukthyar Ali, with Paul Jacob (Tamil folk and Sufi)
  • Chinnaponnu, Karthik & Raju Baul with Paul Jacob (Tamil folk and Bengali Baul Music)
  • Indus Creed (Rock)

It could not get more varied and eclectic than that. There are all kinds of places, instruments and music styles represented on that list; think the widest, most choicest buffet spread you’d ever been invited to. It’s time, anyway. We’ve been chomping on appetizers too long. 

For more updates on the what and the how, keep coming back!

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