The Hornbill Report: Qualifying Bands!

The above picture is to remind you of last year’s glory. It gets fiercer this time! Although there is no signal in Nagaland, the Hornbill conveyed this to the Score stork.

The winner of the Hornbill Rock Contest 2011 shall be ONE of these bands!

  1. Sunep Assemble Band, Nagaland
  2. Girish & The Chronicles, Gangtok
  3. Wolf’s Lair, Chennai
  4. Final Surrender, Bangalore
  5. Noiseware, Pune
  6. Indigo Children, New Delhi
  7. Arcane Deception, New Delhi
  8. Grammy Winning Effort, Dosser’s Urge, New Delhi

Which band has your vote? Tell us in the comments bar below!

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