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roradoll and Varun Rajput join forces for a haunting and cinematic track Time: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from Time’s opening seconds, one can get the vibe of a dark Amy Winehouse track or a James Bond title song. There’s that sense of jazzy charm in roradoll’s vocals that might give off such a derivative influence but the song, on its own, bears its originality.

Coming straight to the point, the singer’s vocals are flawless and controlled with some great layers that add to the haunting nature of Time. Given that this is just her debut single, she shows some great potential. Featured artist Varun Rajput handles the production, mixing, and mastering, with a subtle yet affection jazz-driven instrumentation. The music can be gentle but with a rise in roradoll’a voice, a percussive touch increases the intensity.

Overall, Time might not be a trailblazer single in the Indian jazz and R&B scene (which is kind of a mixed bag as of now) but it is definitely fresh in its sound. The singer asserts her confidence for a style that seems to be her own rather than adding any unnecessary vocal deviations. The aforementioned layers and harmonies do help in boosting the impact on the listeners but never are they distracting from the main narrative.

In fact, one can only imagine that Time might end up sounding even better if performed live with an all-jazz ensemble. As for roradoll’s sound, it will be amusing to see the scope of her future discography to get a true idea of her style. As for now, she should just be basking in the beauty of her stunning debut.

For those who need an introspective and comforting track to hear all alone, Time might just go down the alley of your playlists.

Verdict: Haunting and cinematic.

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