BoA: THE QUEEN OF KPOP – Score Global Music

BoA: THE QUEEN OF KPOP – Score Global Music

K-pop has established itself as more than a passing trend. At this point, it is a cultural and artistic behemoth that has managed to keep delighting the world for quite a few years now. However, before we fell in love with BTS, EXO, GOT7, Blackpink, and all our biases, there were the first generation K-pop stars who started building the genre from the ground up and are inspirations for some of today’s biggest K-pop acts. 

One such K-pop icon is Kwon Bo-ah, professionally known as BoA, who is one of the first K-pop stars to venture into the global market. She is credited as the QUEEN OF KPOP, no less. In fact, 2020 marked her 20 years in the music industry. BoA has albums and singles in Korean, Japanese, English, and Mandarin.

Her music is vibrant, catchy, and utterly memorable. A look through some of her interesting tracks will reveal the depth of her creativity, her style, and her musical legacy. 

(Disclaimer: this list is not in any particular order)


A very uplifting song that keeps you hooked with a great melody. This will remind you of all the times you wondered if you have descended from someplace other than Earth. Daydreamers will definitely relate to this one. With background vocals complimenting her amazing voice, this song is one of her best deliveries and can quickly turn you into one of her fans.

“I wonder what is at the end of the far-away sea

It’s probably far away from being something from this world

Will I be able to see it if I go on top of the clouds?

The children playing the trumpet with the angels

If you listen closely somewhere in a forest

There is a small voice that only I can hear

Shall I fly away like a dream?

The place high away, a world without anyone

Isn’t it great to find a song that can give you a break from reality and bring you back to the days when we used to find shapes in the clouds and made stories out of them?

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