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Blind Image Has A New Guitarist!

Changes are a-foot at Blind Image, with it being announced that their gig alongside Vildhjarta at Saarang 2012 was slated to be the last with VG Pranav on the guitars.

Following Pranav’s impending departure, the band had announced that they would like to take their time in picking a replacement, considering the number of strings attached with inducting a new ‘permanent’ member.

However, the search seems to have ended with the recruitment of Ramanan Chandramouli, simply ‘Rama’ to most, who will combine with Shri on the guitars.

Ramanan Chandramouli getting busy

Drummer Krish enthuses about the move. “We are really happy to have Rama on board. I’ve known him for 6 years and we’ve been friends for over 6 years. He was my first choice to try out and it worked like magic”

That Rama was no slouch would’ve been obvious, considering his already rich pedigree, having been guitarist for progressive metal band, Sixth Element, before joining a graduate course at the LA Music Academy. Apart from being a performer, Rama is also a teacher at the TAAQ Academy in Bangalore, alongside Bruce Lee Mani.

The guitar hero himself feels well at home, recounting how he “met Krishna (drummer, Kris) and the previous guitarist of the band 6 years back when I used to live in Chennai. I did lose touch after I left for LA, but I ran into Kris at the Metallica concert last year and we both inquired what each of us was doing with our music careers” Sounds fated. 

Rama played his first gig with the band at VIT recently, where they were the supporting act for Sudaikra, the German-Celt metal powerhouse. All these opportunities will be seized to tune up their sounds and get the band ready for their performance at the Global Metal Bash on February 24th in Dubai, which is the biggest thing lurking on their collective horizon.

This is what they need to do

[youtube_video id=UFwpiNwGWFU]

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