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Aditi Ramesh’s Song ‘Filter Coffee’ has a Strong Flavour of Coziness – Score Indie Reviews

Aditi Ramesh’s new track Filter Coffee starts out like a freshly brewed beverage in the morning. Aditi’s songs have always had fun advisory connotations to them. ‘Filter Coffee’ keeps this streak in motion.

The high quality of this lo-fi creation is a smart statement of what the song sets out to stand for. Take is slow, enjoy the simple things in life. ‘Filter Coffee’ is a song that could easily be on everyone’s Sunday playlist. It’s a good accompaniment for reading book, cooking, watering plants, or anything that is one considers as a calm and therapeutic action.

The song begins with a groovy rhythm. The clever sound design soon kicks in to nudge the sensory memory to fully immerse the listeners by adding sounds of vehicle passing by at a distance, coffee being poured, and phone buzzing. Some everyday events that connect us to the audio. The lyrics open raising a point about how people are glued to their phones wanting to know what is happening in people’s life using social media. The next few lines then implies that drinking something as simple as filter coffee can be so much more joyful and relaxing activity.

Although the lyrics and feel of the song perfectly complement each other, there was a slight possibility for the mix to brighten the vocals a little bit more. Other than that, this song has a potential to be run in people’s head for a while. The composition is very memorable. It is catchy tune that can be used for choregraphing dance, a great quality to have in times of reel creation culture. 

A light hearted song with easy going vocals gives this track the calibre to be indie scene’s next favourite pop song. It’s simple to sing along to, it is cosy, and it is intimate.

Verdict: Ambient, joyful, clever.

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