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Bhuvan Bam and Rekha Bhardwaj – Saazish: Score Indie Reviews

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Bhuvan Bam is quite possibly the biggest Indian YouTube star. This extremely talented content creator has now teamed up with legendary singer Rekha Bhardwaj for the song ‘Saazish’.

“Saazish” has been composed by Bhuvan Bam and he has also sung it alongside Rekha Bhardwaj. Coincidentally, the track has also appeared on Episode 7 of Bhuvan Bam’s web series “Dhindora”.

Both the artists spoke about the song, Bhuvan Bam said: “The song is about love and loss. It’s about living some dreams and letting some go. And it’s about how making this choice can be the most difficult thing to do. It was truly a pleasure to have Rekha ma’am lend her voice to my composition.” 

Speaking on her experience of collaborating with Bhuvan Bam, Rekha Bhardwaj said:

“Singing Saazish with Bhuvan was a wonderful experience. He’s a very talented artist who has so much to offer to our industry. Saazish is a beautifully composed track and I’m looking forward to seeing how the audience responds to this soul-stirring song. I’ve enjoyed working on it and listening to it – I hope they will too.”

“Saazish” is a fresh and timeless sounding track that shows Bhuvan Bam’s versatility as a singer. Rekha Bhardwaj is a legend but Bhuvan Bam manages to hold his end very well.

“Saazish” is the work of an artist who, whether through his life’s experiences or through the deep contemplation of his surroundings, has come to terms with his situation and the result is utterly beautiful. Sweet and soothing harmonies, vintage folk influenced balladry, magical instrumentation and fabulous production, what’s not to love on the new offering from Bhuvan Bam and Rekha Bhardwaj. 

We’ve all enjoyed BB ki Vines so far, now it’s time to enjoy BB ke songs.

Verdict: Soaring.

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