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Aditi Ramesh – Shakti: Score Indie Reviews

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Aditi Ramesh is a former lawyer-turned musician who performs a delectable fusion of jazz-blues-R&B-Carnatic music. She was raised in Buffalo, New York and moved to India when she was 15. She has received formal training in Western Classical Piano and Carnatic vocals. However, she started her professional career as a lawyer and only after she quit law, she started pursuing music as a career. Speaking about this, Aditi Ramesh said:

“After I quit law, I was sitting down and writing a song. It struck me that the scales in jazz music — the notes and intervals — were similar to some Carnatic ragas. In traditional fusion music, the western part and the Indian part are always separated — both of them elaborate but detached. I thought ‘Why not merge them organically?’ and it just became its own thing.” 

Ever since Aditi Ramesh started making music, she hasn’t just made it for the sake of making it. She also uses her music to propagate her message about being flexible with our career choices, our ideas of beauty, happiness or success, and going with the flow without worrying about societal standards. Her latest track “Shakti” continues that trend and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Great songwriters write good tunes and choose the right words and phrases to enhance the sound and the natural rhythmic quality of their songs. Songwriters who want to convey some message through their songs, choose the words for their meanings as well.

Aditi Ramesh succeeds on both fronts and makes the listeners introspect with her clever and thoughtful lyrics. She sings the words in her own unique way which ensures that you will never confuse this song with somebody else’s.

Good music can make you do many things, it can make you sing, it can make you dance, and it can make you think. We are happy to report that “Shakti” does all three successfully.

Verdict: Meaningful.

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