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Bawri Soch and Jay Kila’s ​Been So Long​ is a Strong Release: Score Indie Reviews

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Bawri Soch is a music duo based out of Delhi/NCR. The music project began its life as an idea among two college friends, Vishvesh Kant Shukla, a singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer and Madhav Garg (who goes by the stage name of Heisengarg), a rapper and a theatre artist. The duo started its musical journey with an aim to create music that is not bound by any genre. The duo talks about life, love, heartbreaks, hustle among many other things through its music. It’s a creative outlet for the feelings and experiences of the duo.

Bawri Soch is Vishvesh and Madhav’s attempt at reaching out to listeners who might feel like outcasts and make them feel like they belong somewhere. Bawri Soch’s latest track, “Been So Long” features New York based hip hop artist Jay Kila. He is very well known for his sharp lyrics, crisp delivery and heavy beats which have the power to get just about every party started. He has also opened for the legendary East Coast Hip Hop group Wu Tang Clan. With a resume like that, you can definitely expect a lot of fireworks in the song. Let’s see what they’ve got.

“Been So Long” features English as well as Hindi lyrics. We are happy to report that the performance level stays consistent in both languages. Clearly, this approach works very well for Bawri Soch and they should continue doing it in the future.

The track is propelled by a nice beat and everyone does a great job dropping bar after bar on top of it. The vocal layering is done in a masterful manner, it really adds to the punch of the delivery. The track is well produced with no real flaws to point out in that area. Another thing that stands out is the different accents in the vocal delivery. While Bawri Soch raps in an Indian accent, dripping in the swagger of the Delhi streets, Jay Kila brings in the flavour of the streets of New York City in his parts. Sometimes, even things like that can add to the song’s dynamism.

Verdict: Flows like a river.

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