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Dhruv Visvanath’s Write Sounds Great: Score Indie Reviews

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Dhruv Visvanath is a singer-songwriter, producer and accomplished acoustic guitarist from New Delhi, India. He has had a truly global upbringing, spending a large part of his childhood in places like London, Zambia, Hong Kong, and Mumbai to name a few. Dhruv Visvanath uses his plethora of myriad experiences to create his songs and stories. In 2018, Dhruv was India’s only entrant into South By South West, Austin, Texas USA, and the Canadian Music Week in Toronto. His unique style of playing the guitar led him to be named as one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s ​30 Great Guitarists Under 30​, alongside the likes of international stars like Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner and Laura Marling. His debut album “Orion” was released in 2015 under VLT records. His sophomore release, “The Lost Cause,” was crowdfunded and released independently in 2018. It debuted at #2 on the iTunes Apple Music’s top 50 albums list. Dhruv Visvanath’s incredible guitaring skills have also resulted in an endorsement with the Dehradun Guitar Company and the release of his custom signature guitar “Willow”. His latest single “Write” is more than just a song, it is his way out of what was (in his own words) “eons of writer’s block.

“Write” tells the story of writing songs. To some listeners, it might even sound like a tribute to the art of songwriting. From the start of the song, the acoustic guitar skills of Dhruv are very evident. His strength lies in using his guitar to drive his song. He isn’t going to play a million jazz chords and obscure modes on his guitar but he will wow you with his songwriting skills. The song has a nice beat and a beautifully engaging rhythm which will carry you from note to note. “Write” flows very smoothly from one part to another, a testament to Dhruv’s great songwriting skills.

Write is a very well written song which has been performed remarkably well by Dhruv. The melody is very pleasing and tuneful. Dhruv’s vocal tone is very rich and warm, and it helps infuse the lyrics with a lot of feeling. The instrumental accompaniment is obviously top notch, and we are not just talking about the guitar here. Every instrumental element of the song adds to the wonderful atmosphere and complements Dhruv’s vocals perfectly. The lyrics are extremely relatable to everyone who has ever done anything creative and you will start humming along to this track soon enough.

Will “Write” re-write the history of the Indie Music scene? Only time will tell, until then, don’t go easy on that replay button.

Verdict: Listen to it “Write” away.

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