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A Crime – Takar Nabam- Score Indie Reviews

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There is romance in Takar Nabam’s voice. He has his way with listeners’ hearts by zeroing in on mundane, everyday experiences, and making them sound worthy of a happy memory. In this single from his new EP Red and Yellow, he revisits this creative instinct by crafting a spot of musical charms from that ever-relatable and ever-frustrating monkey on our backs – love. 

Nabam described A Crime as “a stirring pop lament on the confusion of young love, landing somewhere between the candid ethereal worlds of Frank Ocean or Tom Misch.” The song certainly has all the elements of dream pop-adjacent singer-songwriter fare. It goes through a few understated layers of guitar, paired with the heady, buzzy cohesion of sprightly piano and neatly elegant lyrics. 

If I had a time machine,

I’d rewind to our first kiss,

if I had a pen, a blank slate,

I wouldn’t be this late,

It’s the easiest thing in the world to feel this way. Nabam doesn’t stretch out the sentiment; two verses and he’s done. The choral sentence is equal parts playful and sad:

Not calling you that night could amount to a crime

There’s some regret, and it’s entirely devoid of resentment. He falls back into floating within whatever sadness comes up, and settling for making it sound perfectly bearable in hindsight. It is a musical representation of taking walks in idyllic small towns -perfectly content. 

Verdict: Minimal and perfectly happy-making. 

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