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Ash King & Jonita Gandhi – Jab Tum Paas Ho Celebrates Intimacy

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In the climate of social distancing and lockdowns, one thing that comes at a premium is intimacy. It’s something we all took for granted before it was taken away from us. Whether it was fair or not, is a different issue, the fact is, we were forced to isolate as a result. In celebration of intimacy, Merchant Records has released “Jab Tum Paas Ho” featuring the supremely talented Ash King and Jonita Gandhi on vocals.

The wonderful song evokes powerful emotions of intimacy, and not just the intimacy between two lovers, “Jab Tum Paas Ho” celebrates the intimacy between everyone and everything. Your lover, spouse, partner, parents, kids, friends, pets, hobbies, passions, “Jab Tum Pass Ho” celebrates the strong bond you share with them all and their power to brighten your day with their presence.

Even though the song ‘Jab Tum Paas Ho’ was created much before the lockdown, it’s a lot more relevant and resonant now than it could have ever been. It was initially planned for a March/April release but the video production was halted as a result of the lockdown. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the track underwent a metamorphosis from just another love song to an ode to intimacy at a time where it’s not easily accessible. 

Musically, “Jab Tum Paas Ho” is an RnB style (though not restricted to it) song. That aspect of the song really excited Ash King about performing in it. The worlds of RnB and Indian music don’t often come together, but when they do, the result can be magical and Ash King’s vocals are a big reason behind that. Jonita Gandhi joined Ash King on vocal duties from Canada and embellished the song with her unique sound and style.

Her singing style transcends genre boundaries but definitely exists in the realm of “great”. Both the singers have done a great job of infusing the lyrics with their distinct personalities and it makes the listening process that much more enjoyable. It’s one thing to hit all the notes right, it’s something else when you can make the notes yours. Both Ash King and Jonita Gandhi have definitely achieved that in “Jab Tum Paas Ho”.

The music has been composed by the dynamic duo of Salim-Suleiman and they bring in a hint of freshness and excitement with “Jab Tum Paas Ho”. It’s a very well written song with a fantastic arrangement and near flawless execution. It’s great to see them flex their musical muscles when they are not bound by a Bollywood script. That’s one of the most beautiful things about indie music and “Jab Tum Paas Ho” is a shining example of that. 

The beautiful music video is a joy to watch and it really adds a lot of flavour to the song. Yes, “Jab Tum Paas Ho” on its own is as heartwarming as a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day, but the video is like a chunk of chocolate melting into that cup, making it even richer. 

Celebrate your loved ones with this beautiful song and its incredible video.

Verdict: A breathtaking ode to intimacy.

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