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Indie Review: Branches by Ashwin Iyer ft Animesh

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Ashwin Iyer is a Chennai based musician and music producer. His musical strengths reside in piano/keyboard arrangement and production. Ashwin Iyer started his musical journey with the keyboard at a very young age. Ashwin’s eclectic taste in music helped him listen to varying styles across distinct genres. His musical influences include 80s Tamil music, The Beatles,
Modern R&B, Soul, Rock, New-age electronic and Lofi. His singer-songwriter approach allows him to twist and mould his songs into different patterns, producing varying vibes, making his songs sound more tasteful and original. Ashwin Iyer’s latest single Branches features Animesh
and that’s the track we will be reviewing here.

Branches is a song that tackles the scenario of people coming face to face with their insecurities. Self pity, blaming ourselves for all the misgivings of the world around us and struggling with the societal pressure of being someone other than yourself, are some of the issues that the track deals with. This sentiment is elucidated best by the line the need to be that
person has been eating me and I’m broken beneath. It’s something which a lot of people will be able to relate to.

The intro does a good job of setting up the song and builds up to the point where the crunchy, early Linkin Park style riff kicks in. The vocal melody is interesting and quite tuneful. Varies well between the slow and sombre verses to the explosive chorus. Animesh’s voice has a thin but
likeable tone. However, his voice gets slightly strained around the higher notes. The instrumentation is arranged very well and it does a great job of complementing the mood of the song. It varies well between being moody and driven. Ashwin Iyer’s arrangement and production talents are quite discernible here. This song is well put together and doesn’t overstay its
welcome. Ashwin Iyer arrives on the scene, delivers his message in less than four minutes and leaves immediately. This song is 100% fat free and all the parts serve a purpose, no element is there for the sake of “being there”.
Branches is not a groundbreaking track in terms of musical style or lyrical themes, but it is definitely fun to listen to.

Verdict: Branches definitely has the power to branch out to your playlist.

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