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Asha Bhosle remixes Yeh Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Deewana


Chandra Borats Don(1978) has the status of cult film. The film’s song “Yeh mera dil pyaar ka deewana” was an iconic block buster. It has been remixed countless times across the globe and recently it was sampled in the 2005 single “Don’t phunk with my heart” by the Black Eyed peas. 

Chandra Borat and Asha are now revisiting the phenomenon. When Chandra Borat decided to remix the song for his new project “Neil Ka Pakadana”, he could think of none other than Asha to do the vocals. The veteran singer in an interview to NDTV said  “After so many years, Chandra is directing a movie. I have got the first song recorded for his film. I didn’t face any difficulty. It came on to my tongue so easily.”

The 26-year Helen Richardon who was featured in the original 1978 video stole millions of hearts across India with her moves. The song played an important role cementing the famous partnership between Asha Bhosle and Helen. Asha went on to sing playback for nearly every song featuring Helen for many years.

The song was recently re-done for the 2006 film “Don” starring Sharukh Khan. Sunidhi Chauhan did considerable justice crooning for it, and Kareena Kapoor was at her scintillating best. However, the news that Asha Bhosle was herself redoing the song has garnered much interest. 

The veteran has been experimenting a lot recently and is also making her acting debut. She sums it up saying “It was something I hadn’t done so far. My fans know very well that I do whatever my heart says is good to do. And the moment this story was narrated to me I connected so strongly with it as a mother and a human being even though it was so far removed from my own life and experience”.

All of us are thrilled, and we now wait with bated breaths.

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