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Yenthu? Nammude Aana Kallan.


In January we announced their website, in February we spoke about “Ayyo”, in March we got to see their promo for Salt n’ Pepper, in April we covered their Kochi Tuskers gig. It is now nearly the end of May, we were getting jitters, had the Avial fallen silent? A vehement no shouts the band and with a vengeance releases their new video “AanaKallan”.

Avial has a panache for staying in the news. Constantly. Aana Kallan, which literally translates to “Elephant Liar” is the latest in their bid to stay on top of the game. With a new RHCP like sounding track intermixed with semi 80s pop influences, this is by far the most flashy of all Avial songs and videos. Its certainly got the entire social network buzzing with commentary. 

This certainly isn’t the conventional Avial song we are used to. It’s also the first Avial track with Tony John as the lead singer and Benjamin Isaac as the Bass Player. The video, directed by Aashiq Abu, is the second one for Avial after their first hit ‘Nada Nada’. 

However, several fans we spoke to were saddened by the departure of Anandraj Benjamin Paul from the band and felt the vocals could have been much stronger. But in Tonys defense, we think the vocals suited the song perfectly and the song has come together very well.

Our rating? 4/5. Well Done Avial!

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