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Artist of the month- Kiara Chettri – Score Short Reads

Artist of the month- Kiara Chettri – Score Short Reads

Tell us about your songwriting process.

I never plan a songwriting session, it just happens. When I sit down to write lyrics, I don’t plan on what I am going to write about, I just write about whatever hits me at that moment. I have one rule for myself when it comes to songwriting and that is, never try to make your lyrics rhyme while writing.

This is something that I used to do initially when I first started writing. I used to think that if the lyrics don’t rhyme in the first try, it’s not going to be a song.    

But I was wrong. For me, it is really important to just write down lyrics and sentences or even random words related to what I am feeling. Then I connect everything together and form lyrics.

After that, I make my tune and then finally make the lyrics rhyme wherever needed. For me, songwriting is just writing down what I am feeling or thinking about at that moment.

I also try to take inspiration from the smallest of things around me in my daily life. Whether it’s a candle, perfume bottle or even a piano, I am still learning how to find meaning in the simplest of things in life. 

You’ve made it to the no.1 spot on World Indie Charts. How do you feel about it?

Just thinking about it makes me super happy. I remember sitting with my parents when my producer Rohan Solomon called and screamed “You’re number 1!” I was so excited and could not contain my happiness. I remember just staring at the charts after that and not being able to sync in the fact that I am the youngest solo Indian artist to accomplish this position that 31,000 worldwide Indie artists vie for every week.

I am truly so grateful to have such positive people around me who respect what I do and have supported me through it all. Without my friends and family, I could not have done it. I feel so blessed to have had my song Why be number 1. I will always cherish this honour. It is totally surreal to me. 

Kiara Chettri

How was it to create and produce your debut album 4AM amid a pandemic situation?

My debut album 4am, came out last year in November. I got a very overwhelming response and I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. I knew from the day I released my first single that I want to make an album. After my first single, all the songs I wrote went into my album.

I never thought that I would have to create my album during a pandemic. The entire process was difficult as the producer was in Bombay and I was here in Gurgaon. I wanted to be at the studio seeing my songs get made but that was not possible.

We made the entire album on calls. As much as I was sad that I had to make my album during the pandemic, I enjoyed the entire process. I had so much fun and would not go back and change anything. 

I remember having so many funny memories in the process of this album because of the fact that I could not be in the studio with my previous producer.

What was funny to me was that because of signal issues, every time I would hum a tune, my producer would listen to something completely different and put that in the song. Once it would reach me, I would laugh so hard knowing that that tune was supposed to be something else.

Every single song on my album has a very special place in my heart. I believe that everything happens for a reason so maybe my album getting created and produced during the pandemic was for a reason. 

Tell us about your latest single “Why” and your story behind it.

I always wanted to write a song that everyone can relate to. I initially had some words written down and then in the next half an hour, it turned into a song. I have always been inspired by Sam Smith and his music so when I wrote the lyrics down and figured out the tune, I knew I wanted a grand orchestral feel like how Sam Smith has in a few of his songs. 

Everyone has gone through bouts of grief, loneliness, sadness or loss at least once in their life so I just wanted to write a song that people would be able to connect with.

When you go through an emotion like sadness, grief or loss, you always question Why. Even if you don’t get your answers, you always question why you are feeling this way.  ‘Why’ allows people to get lost in their deepest emotions and thoughts. 

Kiara Chettri

Name 3 artists in the Indie scene you look up to and would love to collaborate with and why?

I am so happy that the indie scene in India is rising. It’s really exciting to see that people are finally paying attention to Indie music in the country. I love all Indie artists but three Indie artists I would love to collaborate with would be Anuv Jain, Prateek Kuhad and Nucleya. These artists are so great and their music really inspires me so I would love to collaborate with them one day. 

What inspires you to write music?

There are so many things that inspire me to write music. The main thing would be my immense passion for it. My life is music now and I can never complain about that. My parents are also my inspiration for writing music. Without them, I would not have been where I am today.

The love and support my followers and listeners give to me also motivates me to make better music. I try to better myself as a musician and writer with every song that gets released. There are also so many artists who inspire me to write music. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and Coldplay are a few artists who really inspire me.

Upcoming projects.  

I have just released the video for Why and have so many exciting projects coming up. My next single is ready and I couldn’t be happier. Along with music, there are lots of other things to look forward to too. I just want to share my music with the world and hope to inspire my listeners with my lyrics.

There is always going to be more music released in my life. I cannot express how grateful I am for the platform I have been given and I am deeply humbled. I am super pumped for everyone to listen to my next single. It is so different from Why and it’s something I have never done before. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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