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Studio Tour: Audiokraft, Bangalore – Score Music Tech

Tell us about space 

Audiokraft is a premier audio recording and music production studio based in Bangalore. Our sole purpose is to meet every audio recording and music production service needs that you might bring to us.

We are eminently poised to handle all your music production and creative audio needs starting from composing, to recording, to mixing and mastering. To this end, we’ve gathered together an unbeatable combination of state-of-the-art technology, production facilities, engineers and artist’s/talent collaborators and client comfort in one sweet space.

Our facilities comprise the perfect mix of unrivalled technology and absolutely perfect acoustics. We use only the best, top-of-the-line audio recording equipments.We started the studio back in 2012.  We have been going strong for 10 years now. 

Studio Tour: Audiokraft

Take us through the process of setting it up

The acoustics of the studio are very well done & rooms are properly tuned. We have around 1700 sqft of space with a Lavishing control & live room, making us one of the biggest studio spaces in the city. Our wall mount consists of Neutrik patch bay.Our XLR,TS & TRS cables are from Proel.

Our live room is equipped with amazing microphones from Telefunken, Sontronics, Lewitt, AKG, Shure & a lot more. We have AT M20x headphones with a Behringer distribution headphone unit, for the artists to be able to create themselves a great headphone mix.

We have Pop filters from SE electronics & mic stands from Samson. In the control room, we have a powerful CPU that manages heavy sessions. Also equipped with Prism Audio’s Atlas as our main interface, UAD octacore satellite as DSP, Various 3rd party plugins ranging from Fabfilter, Waves, Izotope, Slate digital, IK multimedia, UAD to VSTs such as Kontakt & a lot more.

We have monitors From Focals & Quested. Preamps from Neve & warm audio. We have Logic x pro & Ableton Live as our main DAWs. 

What are some of the studio essentials you would recommend?

First things first, a well acoustically treated room. Although in this modern age, with plugins & companies introducing room response corrections , it has been really handy for people to mix or produce on headphones with proper Calibrations.

But, if you wish to record or even want to have good speakers too, a basic or decent room treatment is very essential. Secondly, we would recommend learning your existing gears first, before going for new ones.

After all, it’s not that you need to own fancy analogue hardwares to achieve a great mix! What really matters is the room, and how much you have spent time & tuned yourself over there. Lastly, we would also like to say that good aura & positive vibes in the workspace is a must. It’s a creative space, at the end of the day. 

Studio Tour: Audiokraft

What equipment do you use?

We have an audio interface from Prism Sound. It’s called Atlas. An UAD octacore satellite DSP for the UAD plugins. Various 3rd party plugins such as slate digital, waves, izotope, fab filter, ik multimedia, soundtoys, valhalla, rob papen and a lot more.

We have Focals Twin6 be & Quested S8R as our monitors. We use logic x pro & abelton live as our primary DAWs. We have vintage mic such as Sontronics Orpheus & modern tube mic such as Telefunken TF 47.

We also have dynamic mics from AKG, shure & condenser mics from Lewitt. Headphones such as AT M 20 & M 30. We have Warm Audio’s Tone beast & Neve’s 511 as preamps. Power supply from Furman. And, MIDI keyboard from Novation. 

Pieces of gear you cannot live without

We really love our Sontronics Orpheus vintage microphone. And definitely, our AD/DA converter, Atlas. However, we do love our monitors equally. 

Describe your typical work day in the studio.

We wouldn’t term it as a ‘Work Day’ kind of stuff. For us, everyday is pretty fun & we really love our work. Somedays, we might spend hours on mixing background scores for films & there are days where we take a break & chill.

However a normal day starts with a good music listening session first. Then, we head on to complete our work deliveries, depending on deadlines. So, there’s no such specific schedule for us. 

Take us through some of your most significant releases from your studio and why it is special.

Working with artists such as Prasant Pillai, Raghu Dixit, Vasuki Vaibhav, Sanjith Hegde, Charan Raj, All Ok, Ricky Kej & AD agencies such as Webchutney, Veeville, Nirvana, Cinimage, Vivi 5,Fat free & a lot more, has been an amazing experience for us.

There are a lot of releases & work we cherish till date. However, the recent one’s to name would be Malgudi Days (kannada film). The whole journey was surreal for us. From travelling places to record strings, guitars, orchestral parts to having amazing people to work with, is something we still feel special about.Also, the recent film we worked on called Neeli Hakki have been nominated for quite a few international Film festivals.

It was a very fun & amazing experience working on the movie. We have some amazing indies & commercial releases lined up too. The recent ADs we loved working on were TVCs for Himalaya, Digital ADs & Jingles for Furlenco, Homelane, OLA cabs, Swiggy, Canara bank and a lot more.

Whats your next buy for the studio?

This is a tough question. We have so many things in mind to get next. However to name a few would be microphones from Eartrumpet Labs, AEA & JZ. And, we are also looking forward to upgrading & getting more 500 series strips for our recording chain. 

Tips to aspiring owners of studios

Do not fall for fancy stuff. Get what is actually needed for the studio. Maintain positive vibes & treat your clients well. We are here to cater the artist’s needs.

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