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Arrows creates a stunning alt-rock ballad with the new release ‘Wish You the Best’ – Score Indie Reviews

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For fans of Tame Impala and Alt-J, this song would feel very familiar and at-home. For those who aren’t familiar with these genres or artists, it is still a great tune to listen to. Being simple and compositionally laid back, it proves to be very easy to digest and enjoy. And the simple and almost-haunting melodies are a great way to create a good vibe that helps you relax and just wind down. 

The video that accompanies this tune, features great animations and graphics that are very psychedelic inspired and it offers a great new addition to the vibe of the song. The creating of an impressive and psychedelic atmosphere can help listeners really get a taste of the genre and help ease into the more intense sounds on offer. Arrows goes all the way and releases a real banger of a track and it is worth the listen. 

Verdict: Well written, atmospheric and psychedelic.

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