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BLUnt’s debut drop Super Blunt brims with old-school smoothness: Score Indie Reviews

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BLUnt is not a new name for aficionados of Indian hip-hop. The rapper, DJ, and sound engineer has been an integral part of the scene, DJing since 2010. But now with Super Blunt, BLUnt gets to spit on the mic, boasting his lyrical prowess to the fullest. 

Divided into two verses, the song finds BLUnt commenting on the current status of the rap scene while dropping a wordplay or two every now and then. A notable bar is when he references Lil Wayne and Puff Daddy (aka P Diddy). The lyric reads like, ‘Someone tells Wayne, that I’m getting young money. And let Diddy know, up-next is puff money.’ The song is filled with many such smart lyricism. 

As is the case with most of the modern-day releases, the song is just two-minutes long but BLUntt seems to own the runtime he gets. Of course, the production (by Sameeruddin and BLUnt) plays a major part in making Super Blunt all the more groovy. The blend of horns and drums serves as a good-enough replacement to the usual trap beats that are dominating/oversaturating recent rap. 

Adding more to the old-school atmosphere is the music video that takes place in what seems like a skate park. Living up to the name of the song and his own stage name, the video does feature stylish shots of BLUnt smoking as his hip-hop peers feature in the background. These include Mumbai artists with a cult following, like Enkore (who also serves as co-writer on the track), D’Evil, and BLUnt’s own Vice Versa bandmate Rohit Pereira (P-Man). 

At the end of the day, Super Blunt also bears testimony to record label Azadi Records’ diversity in its roster. While Super Blunt offered a barfest, it would still be interesting to see if BLUnt can charter a more emotional territory in his next release. 

Verdict: A ‘super’ debut by an experienced artist. 

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