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Arham Fulfagar’s Make It Alright experiments with a similar formula but it works: Score Indie Reviews

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Indie pop singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar‘s latest single Make It Alright is an acoustic ballad that’s bittersweet yet uplifting in its sound. The singer starts off slowly  reminiscing on reassuring and being there for his beloved even if this certain seems to have ditched him on “one Christmas Eve”. 

Lyrically, the English verses do paint a story but phrases involving “holding hands” and “making it alright” seem cliched in similar-sounding pop songs. Fulfagar still balances the song on his shoulders with his distinct, hushed vocals that get better and louder with every passing verse. The acoustic strumming in the background is again simple but works effectively with the nature of the song, crescendoing to a grand, orchestral final set of seconds.

The finale where the song picks up pace is arguably the best part of Fulfagar’s track. The song acquires a certain dramatic flair by its third act.In what might be an intentional or unintentional influence, Make It Alright’s production sounds eerily similar to Eagle Eye Cherry’s Save Tonight. A one-hit wonder from the 90s, the song has gained a cult status worldwide; Make It Alright does seem to share some similarities in tone and instrumentation with it but still, Fulfagar stands on his own too with his distinct, laidback voice. Even if the lyrics seem to evoke loneliness and heartbreak at times, there’s an optimistic sound to it that’s bound to raise your spirits.

Verdict: It’s one of those songs that you feel you’ve heard before but it’s simplicity, and rawness makes for some fine, feel-good listening. 

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