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Anuv Jain’s ‘Alag Aasmaan’ depicts the joys and sorrows of long- distance love – Score Indie Reviews

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Anuv Jain’s latest release ‘Alag Aasmaan’ is an old yet refreshing take on the most favourite topic of musicians – love. Literally translating to ‘different skies’, the song discusses the heart-wrenching feeling that lovers in a long distance relationship go through.

The concept moves around the fact that the two lovers live under different skies, but it doesn’t matter when they meet because love triumphs everything. The song narrates that the girl has come to the boy’s house to stay for a while and is about to go back to her own place in a different city, and the boy wishes for her to stay with him for some more time.

The beautiful illustration by Sachin Bhatt shows the couple sitting on the steps of the boy’s house, while the girl’s luggage is kept just below. The words are bound to melt the hearts of anyone who has faced such a situation as the boy wishes to capture and immortalise all the moments that the lovers spend together as they don’t know when they’ll meet again. So, these memories warm the heart in times of loneliness.

Anuv’s voice portrays the emotions perfectly, as if he feels what he’s singing. The most touching part is when his voice hits a higher register at the bridge. A typical singer-songwriter effort, the song has been played not on the guitar but on an ukulele. This four-stringed small instrument has taken the Indian urban landscape by storm as it is cheap, convenient for travel and an easy accompaniment for singing songs.

Though it has prompted numerous wannabe millennials to become musicians on their social media handles, Anuv has taken the instrument to a different level and used it beautifully in place of the guitar, though there is some support from a bass and electric guitar and rudimentary beats.

While Punjab is known for high-octane folk and hip-hop or pure commercial stuff, this Ludhiana-based Indie musician is a breath of fresh air. Though he is among the crop of upcoming musicians inspired by Prateek Kuhad, Anuv’s songwriting skills set him above the rest by a huge margin.

He has the ability to paint pictures with his words. The only drawback is that he is not imaginative with the music. It only acts as an accompaniment to the song and is not an entity on its own. If Anuv works on that, he’ll become a force to reckon with.

Verdict: Lyrics have the ability to paint pictures.

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