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Akash Chopra reassures that perfection isn’t a necessity through ‘Clumsy’ : Score Indie Reviews

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Jaipur-based Indie singer-songwriter Akash Chopra has set the ball rolling with a delicate new single called ‘Clumsy’. He’s a new kid on the block who shows all the promise to make a name for himself in the indie circuit.

The music is a solo acoustic guitar effort – simple chords swaying in a lazy, oscillating rhythm. It flexes its muscles in the latter half of the song, getting louder and taking on complex characters by strumming off-beat and chaotically, before being suddenly being swallowed up by silence. This signals the end of the song.

Such erratic treatment at the end of an otherwise smooth-sailing song is not really strange considering the theme of the song – clumsiness. In today’s world where everyone strives for perfection, Akash simply lays back and celebrates it.

And why shouldn’t he? Clumsiness is very much a part of our lives and daily activities. Nobody is perfect and it’s very normal to make mistakes. That is the message that Akash effortlessly puts into the listener’s ear with his easy, breezy style.

He starts with the example of clothes and shoes never fitting perfectly the first time we wear them, or not parking cars in a straight line. We think it’s not okay, but it really is – and that is what Akash wants us to know.

He further informs that is not a crime to cover up stains with paint and that he finds such harmless crimes beautiful. Though all this casual reassurance is aimed at his lover, it is indeed a message for the population at large.

Representing those people who really stress out over little things like this, his lover seems to be rather perturbed by her clumsiness, but Akash enjoys it and ‘swings in time’ to all she does as it is ‘so beautiful to see you that way’.

The advantage of a singer-songwriter who composes songs in English is its global nature. The song is not tied down by geographical or cultural specificity. Nor does Akash’s impeccable vocal style reveal anything of that sort. His tender efforts speak of an early-days Prateek Kuhad or even a mellow John Mayer.

However, his style comes dangerously close to borrowing from Aldous Harding, the famous singer-songwriter from New Zealand. It is indeed difficult to be unique when one is a singer-songwriter, but exploring musical capabilities can push him towards a direction where he is not perceived as unoriginal.

Verdict: A perfect accompaniment to a lazy evening with your lover
and some wine.

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