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Anisha AOD’s Broken is a meditative melody with high production-value: Score Indie Reviews

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Anisha Uppal aka Anisha AOD is an artist who has been versatile and genre-
blending in her discography. Her latest single Broken explores the territories of dark-pop as she croons about a heartbreak on mellow beats. The number of recent indie songs that have come out on heartbreak are innumerable but there’s something about Broken that truly sets it apart from the rest. Actually, there are a lot of things about it.

In the track, the songstress is obviously ‘broken’ but her hushed-down vocals brim with a sense of mystery gluing listeners to the very end. Adhiraj Kabir Mustafi’s multi-instrumental production is thrilling and extremely catchy hardly leaving any room for drawbacks. Anisha AOD perfectly captures the nuances of change after a relationship ends in her heartfelt lyrics. The tone is perfectly suited to a new-age indie song while sounding vaguely reminiscent of a yesteryear Alanis Morrissette or a Dido song.

Clocking at over four minutes, Broken’s vocals actually start after the first minute but it hardly ever feels slow or too stretched. In fact, the mellow intro builds up with every passing second and adds to the overall ominousness of the song.

That’s where the strength of Broken lies. It’s a track in which the production as well as the vocals truly complement each other. You can feel the understanding and the chemistry that Anisha AOD and Mustafi have with each other in their respective skills. The music presents a soundscape that fits perfectly and feels like it would suit only this particular song and nothing else.

Broken is not only therapeutic and relaxing with its calming approach but it’s also a perfect addition to your playlist if you are tired of the monotony in the indie scene. While Broken isn’t necessarily a lo-fi song, Anisha AOD’s haunting voice would seem to be very apt for any lo-fi influenced songs in the future. In any case, her latest single is by no means a song to miss out.

Verdict: In her dark-pop heartbreak anthem, Anisha AOD is bold and mysterious with Adhiraj Kabir Mustafi delivering some cutting-edge production.

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