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Anisha AOD’s Thunderstruck leaves you with the sweetest taste of old sorrow: Score Indie Reviews

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Anisha Uppal AKA Anisha AOD built her new single Thunderstruck out of heartbreaking, soul-searching experiences. This New Delhi-based folk-pop artist sings of heartache, bathed in the warm glow of nostalgia. Her voice is perfectly cultured for lullabies, shamanaic storytelling and invoking the quiet relief of closure. 

Thunderstruck moves like a feather in the wind – gentle, carefree, uninhibited. Simultaneously, it invites self-reflection. Anisha ponders upon the travails of her past, and takes the listener along for the ride. 

Given the silvery quality of her voice, she could have intoned the words without musical accompaniment. But she dances on her vocal tiptoes on a few bars of piano, weaving an atmosphere of solitude. It is almost like she is singing to herself, and we are listening in. 

Her wordplay is simple, quick to cut, and enormously effective. A single line “Of all the people I found you / If only to let you go, let you go.” summons lifetimes of meaning. She offers perfect equilibrium between lofty poetry and simple, direct communication. Anisha is the kind of artist who speaks volumes in a few refrains, and has the uncanny ability to make her listeners feel they are being spoken to directly. 

Amid the percussive flutters and the summery wordplay, Anisha tells her story and performs catharsis. She gives you plenty to relate to, and is quite ready to be hailed as a maker of music milestones.  

Verdict: Anisha AOD uses stunning vocals to weave a story of loss, acceptance and eventual tranquility. Her song is a gift for the weary-hearted. 

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