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Amrit Ramnath – Sumiran: Score Indie Reviews

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Amrit Ramnath is a musician, singer, producer and composer . He is an Indian classical singer who has been exposed to various forms of music. He has trained in Western Classical Music for over a decade. Amrit is the son of Academy Award nominated singer Bombay Jayashri, and has been under her tutelage. Amrit has produced and composed Dharti Ma, an anthem featuring some of India’s finest musicians including Shankar Mahadevan, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Shweta Mohan, Bombay Jayashri, Mahesh Kale and many more. He has produced a 7-track album for Bombay Jayashri titled Moon Child. The talented singer songwriter has released his latest track “Sumiran” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Sumiran” is an original adaptation tuned by Amrit Ramnath, who produced, arranged and sang this track. The tune is set to ancient verses of Saint Guru Nanak. The song is an ode to the current times, and a tune of hope for better days to come. It is a gentle, luxurious track that flows like a river through a minimalist yet profound musical arrangement. The theme of peace and tranquillity recalls the writings of Guru Nanak Dev, whilst the imagery created by Amrit Ramnath’s words represents the serene and unbound power of prayer.

“Sumiran” features Sitar Maestro Purbayan Chatterjee, and is Mixed by B Prasanna, acclaimed producer. Sumiran has also been mastered at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios London.

With a strong reliance on traditional styles and a greater focus on organic and spiritual experiences, “Sumiran” feels like a more personal and intimately moving recording. It’s an incredibly inspiring musical effort. Amrit Ramnath’s talent as a songwriter and composer are well known and here the mellow blend of his beautiful voice and the smooth musical accompaniment complement the track’s theme perfectly.

At its core, “Sumiran” is a song of hope. A genuinely heartfelt and beautifully structured listen. An exquisitely moving addition to Amrit Ramnath’s catalogue. This one will stay with you. 

Verdict: An earnest prayer.

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