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Anisha AOD – YOU AND I: Score Indie Reviews

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Indie-pop artist, Anisha AOD is an upcoming singer-songwriter-pianist in India’s growing English contemporary music market. Her tone is resonant of Dido-meets-Feist with her sensuous voice, poetic lyrics and pianistic elements. Her style is also alluring in the way she bares her soul. The talented songstress has recently released “YOU AND I” and that’s what we are reviewing here

Theatrically-inspired classical-pop waltz, “YOU AND I” tells the tale of two inner voices as they come to terms with one another. Backed by an epic production of dreamy violins and larger-than-life harmonies, the song attempts to capture our internal – most defining – struggle. The piano, performed by Anisha AOD and reminiscent of her classical roots, takes on a life of its own. 

In the words of Anisha AOD herself: “Every time I sing and play “YOU AND I” on the piano, I remember feeling on top of the world, and how, with one judgmental thought, that feeling can suddenly come crashing down. This inner conflict, as we learn how to co-exist with all sides of our personality, that is what “YOU AND I” is all about.” 

Visualised in a uniquely refreshing comic book music video, “YOU AND I” is dedicated to being imperfect and human. The music video has been beautifully drawn and animated, making it a treat to watch.

Soft and soothing, though not without a hint of anxiety, “YOU AND I” captures the rhythms, rhymes and cadences of life in its universal being. Anisha AOD has been releasing her own music in the indie scene since 2020 and with “YOU AND I” she continues to prove herself to be an accomplished and confident songwriter. This is a great addition to her already stellar catalogue, a force to be reckoned with – a cool, chilled out, and tuneful listen. Anisha AOD deserves all of your attention. 

Verdict: Restrained Elegance.

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