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Shanay Shah, Oswin Telis – Gone So Long: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai born and bred, Shanay Shah started his musical journey when he got laid off from a start-up he was working with. Converting his passion into his paycheck, he has gone from performing at local bars to international destinations on 4 different continents. A multilingual singer, Shanay is known to bring fresh sounding melodies to pop music coupled with Ukulele and Acoustic guitars. Born out of a rock guitar riff fused with electronic music, his latest track “Gone So Long” is about the emotion of separation and longing for someone. How does someone move on when the regret and the memories haunt them? Let’s find out what this song says about the matter.

The music for “Gone So Long” has been written by Shanay Shah and Oswin Telis. Shanay Shah has penned the lyrics and sung on the track. “Gone So Long” features a fantastically successful marriage of multiple strands: the crisp textures of electronic music, a gentle yet driving guitar riff fused together with Shanay Shah’s musical sensibilities.

Even though he has fused different styles together, the polished sophistication with which it has been carried out is really impressive. Anybody can throw ingredients on the chopping board, only a chef can turn those things into a fabulous and delicious dish. With modern production tools, artists like Shanay Shah can truly unleash their creativity, making the future of the scene quite secure in such gifted hands.

“Gone So Long” is both calming and thoughtful, sprinkled with guitar, piano, airy vocal lines and other electronic tonal spices. This deliciously hypnotic track has a lean, clear, tight sound. Shanay Shah also shows a sharp pop-like instinct for melody, making it a song you would definitely want to sing. Aside from listening to this while longing for someone, “Gone So Long” also sounds like a great driving track for a slow evening cruise (no Fast and Furious stuff please).

Verdict: Catchy.

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