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Akshit Dhall’s Home is a moving ballad dedicated to new journeys: Score Indie Reviews

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Whenever a song is titled Home, you know that it is going to be one emotional track. Pune-based singer and songwriter Akshit Dhall also carves out an extremely soothing track that he produced himself, with his friend Akash Gupta providing the bass and percussion. Dhall perfectly captures the homesickness that one feels while shifting cities, an experience that Dhall himself has undergone as he originally hails from Rohtak.

The song starts off with several sounds from the streets, like the chirping of birds and the general hustle and bustle of the surroundings outside. These contrast with his soft-spoken, ambient vocals, balanced with equally moving instrumentation. The song is a fine example of bedroom pop and indie-pop that is being taken to new levels in the local scene, thanks to artists like Dhall.

Home sounds really original and while it’s tough to draw any Indian parallels, Dhall’s singing and lyricism can be compared to artists like Gregory Alan Isakov or Michael Kiwanuka. Fans of artists like these would definitely dig Dhall’s new single. 

The pacing of the track is definitely slow, as intended. Hence, Home can be streamed when one needs a chill pill, or one needs to take a break from the general everyday hullabaloo of life. There is a lot to interpret from the bittersweet atmosphere of the song, with the ‘home away from home’ theme forming the crux. 

As mentioned above, the song will perfectly resonate with all other lost souls who migrate to new places either for their studies or career opportunities. We move away and crave the home where we belong, but then as time passes, we get used to our new environment making it our new ‘home’.

Verdict: There’s a lot to interpret from this soothing track dedicated to a ‘home away from home’.

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