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Akshit Dhall crafts a light love ballad for the night with Dancing In My Dream – Score Indie Reviews

As has been the case with his previous singles, singer-songwriter Akshit Dhall sets his melodic voice in the backdrop of an equally melodic acoustic arrangement. While this can be a recurring soundscape for listeners who are into similar pieces of acoustic indie-pop, his new single Dancing In My Dream is still a very emotive romantic ballad. 

The cover art itself depicts a couple dancing up in the air, above the urban chaos of the buildings below. This dreamy artwork is enough to depict the ambiance of the song. Sometimes, the familiar lovers of such songs might not have what it takes to deal with the real world and its multitude of problems. So, dancing in a dream might seem like the only option. And with Dhall’s smooth vocals narrating such a dreamy landscape, it is comforting to say the least. 

An electric guitar solo towards the end adds to the Ed Sheeran-like aura that the song creates. Even though there is a slight tinge of Perfect when it comes to the vocal portions, the guitar part might remind listeners of the riffs in Thinking Out Loud.

If you are into emotive love songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran or James Blunt, then Dancing In My Dream is definitely made for you. Otherwise too, the song is a soothing ballad that highlights a Utopian romance. And sometimes, maybe a dreamy Utopia is all we want. 

It is not like Dhall’s song is entirely cheery. As he tones down his vocals and the acoustic instrumentation is also never deafening, there is an ambient night-time aesthetic to it. So, if you need a slow jam to start your early mornings or end your late nights, then Akshit Dhall’s Dancing In My Dream will be the perfect song. 

Verdict: A perfect track for “slow dancing in the dark”. 

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