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The Score Magazine premieres Moksha Base’s new, soulful and warm track ‘En Uyirai’ – Score Short Reads

A group of musicians based out of New Zealand, Moksha Base brings out a great song with soulful melodies and a very serene performance by the group. This guitar driven track creates a warm and calm sense in the listener through its tasteful usage of harmonies and a lullaby-like vocal line sung by Vocalist Aswathy Sasidharan.

Prasanna Kumar and Keba Jeremaiah support the vocal line brilliantly with their guitar work and its all tied together by Shankar Narayanan on keys, percussion and harmonies. The song is a well-penned dedication of love between two people and it manages to tell that story in a style that is very reminiscent of music from Tamil Cinemas. 

Lyrically, the themes spoken about are very deep and impactful. And its sure to be a favourite among the Tamil listeners. The accompanying video revolves around the lives of two people in love and is shot to display the beauty of nature that the band is connected to, all around New Zealand. Natural beauty is always a great sight for sore city-dwelling eyes and this video quenches our thirst for greenery and nature. 

As is the case with many songs, the writing process of the band was very spontaneous. What started out as a hum, led to a flurry of voice notes and the band eventually nurtured it to the track we hear. Creative processes are always really interesting as its easy to get attached to ideas and close off to improvements.

But the band wrote and rewrote and rewrote the track with the interest of the song in mind. Inherently, the product of that long process is a track that manages to capture beauty of so many kinds and allows the listener to immerse themselves into a serene world. Coupled with the eye-candy from the video, you have a really beautiful work of music. 

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