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Agnee to compose music for ‘Aalaap’

 Agnee, the musical forces, are the music directors of the upcoming music oriented film, ‘Aalaap’

Oh another movie about ‘Rock music’ ! What joy!

Aalaap’, all set to release soon, is a film vaguely about ‘Youth and Music’.  So obviously, the themes must be as vaguely described. Guessing from what we’ve seen in the promotional song, it’s about angry hormonal boys, who the world just doesn’t get.  As riding bikes with 5 o’ clock shadows wasn’t badass enough, they decide to pick up a guitar, a keyboard and a drum set from somewhere and form a band. Just like that.

Also, like every other “Rock music” heavy Bollywood affair (Rock On, Rockstar, Jashnn), the makers have deemed bassists to be too uncool for the movie. One guitarist is A-OK, they decided.  The ‘totally macho’ guitarist is often seen shredding an unplugged electric guitar – a BC Rich kickass model at that –  standing on top of a car, a shady garage and all the places ‘cool’ music has been come to be associated with.

But what gives the movie some hope, is the fact that Agnee, giants within the Indian music scene, are the resident music directors of the affair.

The promotional video, reveals the song  ‘Pa paraa paa’, penned by Mohan. The song is catchy, with trademark Agnee riffs, courtesy of Koko, and in fact,  fits the film as snugly as a glove. The title song became SO popular that it got 30,000 hits over YouTube in just 10 Days.  

In a twisted way, Agnee happens to be the perfect band to be chosen for the job. They, in a country, where anything not mainstream is looked down upon, have managed to carve a niche AND make money out of it.  The film tackles a similar issue of college kids trying to do something different in a place like Chhattisgarh. Who knows, maybe this one might actually make a difference.

But we cannot help but cringe over the aforementioned fact that when all things are done in the light of being ‘cool’, why the bass guitar, the quintessential lower-end force in any band, is not given its due credit.


 [youtube_video id=PTdEEoJXtNQ]

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