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Robbie Williams Has An Online Imposter

British singer Robbie Williams has warned fans to be wary of an online impostor who has assumed his identity on social networking sites.

After discovering an imposter had set up fake Twitter and Facebook accounts in his name, he was left fuming. The 38-year-old Rock DJ hitmaker informed his fans through his website that he rarely uses either site and does not have private chats with anyone on the internet.

I’m not currently having private chats with anyone on the internet. If any of you are ‘talking’ to a Robbie Williams, it’s not me folks. I do have an official Facebook page but have no ‘personal’ Facebook activity whatsoever, I have a Twitter account but I’m not very active there.When I do occasionally post and you’ll know it’s me cos I sign off ‘RW’. Sorry folks I think you have been duped”, he said. 

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